Languages of Roma Resurgens

Lingua latina or sermo eruditus (“erudite speech”) is the official standard language of Romania, or the Luminous Roman Empire under Lucidian dynasty. It is based on Classical Latin, which spread to countries around the Mediterranean with the Roman conquest. In spite of its high-flown use in the court and the imperial government, it is not a living language. Spoken vernacular is called Romance language (lingua romana), descendant of the Vulgar Latin spoken by soldiers, merchants and settlers of the Roman Empire, and distinguished from the Classical form of the language spoken by aristocrats, the form in which the language was generally written.

Romance language is the dominant native language in continental Western Europe. During the Empire’s decline, and after its temporal fragmentation during the 9th century, varieties of Romance language began to diverge within each local area at an accelerated rate, and eventually evolved into a continuum of recognizably different typologies. While they are often mutually unitelligible, these internal divisions are usually perceived by their native speakers as dialects of a single Romance language, rather than separate languages. Diglossia is common: most Romanians are able to speak two or even three Romance dialects.

Dialects of the Romance language

Western Romance

British Romance Brithenig
Gallo-Romance Franco-Romance
Jurassic (Allo-Romance)
Occitan Romance
Padanian (Gallo-Italian)
Ibero-Romance Catalan

Central Romance

Italo-Romance Dalmatian
Balkan Romance Aromanian
Valachian Romance
Sliponian (Albano-Romance)
Slavo-Romance Moravian
Venedic Romance

South Romance

Afro-Romance (Mauretania, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya)

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